Welcome to Pohjan Taimi Ltd.

Pohjan Taimi Ltd is 100% private company since 30.12.2016. The company has three forest tree nurseries situated in Kannus, Juuka and Kemijärvi. They produce 20 – 30 million seedlings to customers every year, mostly pine and spruce. Birch and larch are also available for customers from our nurseries.

The company invests in better growing machinery and systems to improve the quality of tree saplings and our customer services. It is important for us to develop new ways to benefit the customer needs and to give them better results in their business as well.

Pohjan Taimi serves the customers the best possible way. The company co-operates with Skogran which produces services in our customer’s forests like planting, clearing saw works and cone collecting. Other works can be done also when needed. Ask for more.

Co-operation gives our customers more results to concentrate on gaining better sales and financial results. For example saplings can be bought planted. This frees you from transporting, taking care of saplings and managing planting process totally.

You can contact us and ask more about our services. You will be served in northern Finland, Norrbotten Sweden and Västerbotten Sweden by Tapani Kervinen +358-40-5075082 and in other Finnish areas by Juha Nousiainen +358-50-3068050. If you need conifer seeds, you can contact Tapani. You can also contact our nurseries to ask offers for saplings or services. Contacts can be found from the bottom of each page.